Window Managers – delights of a Linux desktop.

I finally did it. I went back to Window Maker after the longest stint away from it. The Bluecurve theme of Red Hat 9 under Gnome and KDE kept me busy for several months, but it’s now time to throw in the hat and go back to a simpler world.
One reason I’m ditching Gnome/KDE is a simple one. My new camera produces 2.2MB jpeg files. Opening those in the GIMP requires me to shut down Kmail, and even then the machine swaps. Of course I should really close some of the dozen tabs in Moz FB but I may need them later.. 🙂
Via the DockApp Wareouse comes wmFuzzy. It’s a neat fuzzy clock that’ll display “twenty to ten” instead of 9:40!
Lots more dockapps available at the warehouse linked above too.

One thought on “Window Managers – delights of a Linux desktop.

  1. I hear you brother. That Bluecurve madness must’ve been a dig at the graph the designers used to show how much memory it was starting to suck up! However, I noticed a couple of things lately too. Namely, it seems that X may not be as nice with memory while running at run level 5. I’m not sure. I blogged about it a couple of days ago.

    Some interesting stuff I noticed, but most of it seems to have gone away with the present setup.


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