Can your car roll uphill?

Good explanation of this strange phenomenon 🙂

Whilest there is this slope of 1 in 86 upwards from the bend at the Glen, the configuration of the land on either side of the road provides an optical illusion making it look as if the slope is going the other way.

There’s even a Wikipedia page on the phenomenon.

7 thoughts on “Can your car roll uphill?

  1. There’s an area in my home county where the same thing happens. I remember my brother driving me there and stopping on an apparently slightly uphill grade. When he turned the car off and put it in neutral, the car began to roll up the slight grade like magic. It was a pretty cool moment, actually. I started looking around to see if it was a practical joke, like another friend coming out there earlier and hiding so that they could sneak up behind and push the car 🙂
    I never found proof as to why that happens. I theorize now that the entire shallow valley that we were in is on the side of a hill so long that we couldn’t tell that we were actually on a downhill grade. It’s not impossible for where I used to live.
    Oh, and that is some beautiful country. No wonder the Irish say they’re lucky…

  2. there is a hill,called moor house,old teesdale in cumbria where you really do feel as if you are rolling up hill,a friend took us,there were five of us in the car and we loved it

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