New b2++ release – 0.6.1

You can now download the new 0.6.1 release of b2++. I had to add a small fix this morning as I had forgotten that a few database tables had to be created.. Somehow the referer feeder script got left out too. One the disadvantages of doing “diff --brief -r . htdocs | grep -v Only” and releasing code late at night..

Anyway, this one is worth downloading:

1. Fixed random template selection when new blog created.
2. Added Template help template. (Thanks Jim!)
3. Docs to configure Apache were wrong in install.php
4. I’ll try and detect if mod_rewrite is off in the actual install, not after.
5. Added “favourites” plugin.
6. Moved lots of backend text into templates.
7. Templatised archives code.
8. Comments popup redirects to a “fresh” url.
9. Added lastupdated templates to default themes.
10. Redirect doesn’t go to index.php now.
11. Added referer plugin.
12. Added option to display comments on weblog.
13. Added b2customfields plugin.
14. Enabled Smiley support.

2 thoughts on “New b2++ release – 0.6.1

  1. Eek, you live on an island, like Michael did (Corsica). You have an ‘h’ in your last name (his was Valdrighi). And most importantly, you hit version 0.6.1 — don’t disappear! Make sure your hard drive doesn’t fall apart overnight and most importantly, get a girlfriend that lives on your landmass, none of this “distance” nonsense that Michael tried! Oh, and congrats on the milestone. Irelog or LuckyLog or CloverLog?

  2. hehe.. thanks. Don’t worry. I’ll be around for a while!
    0.7 will have the fix I posted in a seperate archive for this release.
    I also want to integrate B2Links, but Mike’s doing work bringing support into that so I’ll wait until the new release is out.
    I’m sure you’ll be interested to hear that I’m travelling to Chicago at the end of the month for a 3 month stay. I’ll be working there, but b2++ development will slow because I won’t have a PC at the weekends.
    Thanks for the name suggestions. Still not happy with any though, sorry 🙁

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