How to quit smoking cigarettes

There’s no single way to stop smoking. Some people read Alan Carr’s book, others just decide to give them up, yet others suffer a heart attack or other medical condition brought on by their habit. This story should be familiar to lots of smokers out there. Thank God I don’t smoke..

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How to quit smoking

There comes a time in every smoker’s life when they say to themselves “man, I really hate this shit….I should quit.” Until this time, quitting is almost impossible. Cigarettes are addictive, very addictive, and you really hav…

It is hard to say where the fault lies. People smoke for a variety of reasons. Smoking products are, and have always been, BIG business. Governments throughout the world gain lots through taxes ON cigarettes. So would a government REALLY want to ban smoking completely? I rather think not.

The best way to quit is to replace smoking with a sport.I did this successfully because i replaced one habit with another, if i didnt stop smoking i would not have progressed.Of course it was hard, but it was made easier as smoking became an obsticle!

I had the did’nt feel like smoking for a week so just kept it going and I read alan carrs book, its now 3 weeks i’m a non smoker !! i’m delighted feel much better already ..

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