Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed'

So, the Americans faked the rescue of Jessica Lynch during the Iraqi War. Surprised?
I watched Black Hawk Down last night and was horrified by it. With the same movie director working on propaganda during the war in Afghanistan, no wonder they made the rescue look good. It’s a shame they left so many witnesses alive to tell the truth afterwards..

2 thoughts on “Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed'

  1. Sensational chicken hawks… everywhere. I actually don’t watch TV so I managed to get fed very little hysteria or propaganda. If Ireland had oilfields, I’m sure the hawks would try to connect the IRA with Osama or Saddam…

  2. I don’t watch much tv either. For a while I felt I was “missing” something by not having CNN, or Sky News to watch the latest happenings in the Middle East every morning over breakfast.
    Perhaps it’s better though. The media that influence me today are the web, newspapers and radio. I’m a nut about radio talk shows. I’ll devour as much as I can get! These shows are populated by ordinary people for the most part, except for their “experts” and it’s usually easy to hear the hyperbole or exagerations. Watching a carefully dramatised show^h^h^hnews story on tv is harder to interpret given the skills of Hollywood.
    If I watched tv I’d get nothing done, that’s not for me!

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