I'm sick today

I’m sick today. It had nothing to do with the extended weekend and everything to do with a flu bug that’s going around. *ugh*
Don’t even feel like working on anything either…

Oh yeah, I saw Xmen 2 last night and I enjoyed it! I thought it was more like a comic book format, skipping from one scene to another quickly. Others didn’t like that but I found the characters engaging, and it zipped along at a neat pace!

2 thoughts on “I'm sick today

  1. X-men Worth renting out, doesn’t seem to good on trailers?

    While on subject of movies, check out Mr Deeds if you want a good laugh.

  2. X-Men 2 is a good movie, but it is not amazing : it does not deliver any surprise, that’s a pity.
    It is like spiderman (even if spiderman was not very good) : it’s realy enjoying to watch it, and it is quickly forgotten.

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