What's the point of Smarty?

Here’s a good comment off a Zend Smarty tutorial on why you should use Smarty.

With smarty all I had to do was write the engine in PHP and then all the deigners had to do was come up with the new templates. Then for each customer, there was 1 universal engine, one that I
would keep up to date and free of bugs. AWESOME.

That’s sorta how this site works too 🙂

3 thoughts on “What's the point of Smarty?

  1. Thou shall not use Smarty because smarty turns your templates into unreadable and !editable spaghetti. Also it creates some kind of a pseudo code on top of PHP. Templates cannot be previewed nor edited by person with little knowledge of smarty. Instead of smarty you should use phptal which makes your code clean, you can always preview it and even your designer can modify it with ease if you let him know that “do not touch tal:*”.

  2. Im pretty annoyed by smarty. If a designer can read and write it why don’t they just learn php instead of some cluttered language?

    I’ve been working with gallery2 lately and I have to say that smarty templates make things about a zillion times more annoying than if things were written in php. Now I have to learn some crap new language just to crank out this one site.

    It’s not like php is the hardest language in the world for anyone to learn or read.

    I really just don’t get the point of it.

  3. When used properly (keeping your function and structure layers separate) Smarty works great. Learn how to use it before you knock it 😉

    I’m not a fan of smarty code itself but the ideas and concepts behind Smarty (which are not new nor original) are sound.

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