b2-smarty – !EOLF

Damn, I thought I had dropped enough hints and mistakes in my previous post to make it clear it was an April Fools! Sorry if anyone was alarmed! Read through the post again and note some of the pure bulls**t I’ve spouted to argue why I’m giving up!
So, I’ll be around for a long while yet. Expect lots more changes from me, I want to make b2 a hell of a lot better than it currently is and that’s going to be difficult!
I’m toying with the idea of rebranding my project b2++ or something similar. The scope of the project has gone far beyond Smarty, and I’d also like to get some of the b2 hackers on-board. It may even require a new Sourceforge project as I’d like to introduce more design concepts such as OO, and some of the patterns mentioned on sites like phppatterns.com. This will necessetate making the project more complicated for developers to pick up but Rev Jim’s review (linked yesterday) is scathing and has some merit.

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