The average age of the military man is 19 years.

That may be so and according to a newspaper article I read yesterday they’re paid around $1000 a month. Many of their families are the ones at the soup tents around major barracks. They’re also not likely to be white and middle/upper-class. God keep you safe in Iraq and return you home!

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  1. Clarification – average age of military serviceman is greater than 19 yrs (likely around 25% including those in basic training):
    • Military ages 17-47
    • A 17-19 yr-old rank/grade would be E-1, E-2, E-3 (slight chance of E-4) and maybe a W-1.
    • 30 Nov 07:
    o 1.14M active duty (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force)
     0.336M active duty E-1, E-2, E-3, W-1
     0.303M active duty E-6, E-7, E-8, E-9
     0.220M W-2 and higher officer rank/grade
    o Now, at most 30% would even be in the 17-19 age bracket (with “average less than 19), which means the average age is significantly higher than 19. In fact, it would take 70 “average age” 19 folks to off-set one 47 year old E-8 to yield an “average” age 19.39. Now with only a 10:1 ratio of E-1/E-2/E-3 to E-8/E-9, something doesn’t jive.
    I only point this out since there is a great misconception, perhaps on purpose (?), to portary the military, especially during war, as comprised only of youngsters. But, reality is that “old folks” also contribute just a bit more than given credit, often times more than once.

  2. I agree that it is pretty hard for me to accept that number considering the large amount of people in their twenties and thirties. However I cannot overlook the fact that the military is a hierarchy which means that the vast majority of the military MUST be in the lowest ranks or else there wouldn’t be anyone for an O1 to lead. Many troops enlist right after highschool meaning there are a lot of 17-19 year olds joining. Furthermore, MOST enlistees go one tour and then transition (further preserving the hierarchy). I could believe most troops are under twenty-one but as explained above, the average is not likely 19 -we’d need some 12-year-olds to do that. I heard that figure once and it was specific to the MARINES not the military. I have noticed that the Marines are definitely younger than the army, navy, etc. The ‘mode’ age of the Marine corps could be 19, but again, not the average.
    The rest of that quote is garbage. The military is not a bunch of poor people. There are plenty of middleclass military families and a lot of just plain rich military families. A troop may make $1000 a month, but his living expenses are drastically different than the living expenses of a civilian. Further, there are few opportunities for a highschool graduate to make that amount of money straight out of school and have full medical and retirement programs in place for him or her. A Marine officer makes less than his college grad mates, but the many benefits of the department of defense make total compensation comparable or competitive to his mates. Also the uniform attracts all sorts of women.
    To suggest that a soldier is less likely to be white is ludicris, absurd, wild, etc etc. There are 230 Million white people in this country and as a result whites dominate every single job category (except “rapper”). There are vastly more white people in every rang of every branch of the military. And so a soldier is more likely to be white.

  3. i joined when i was 17, and didnt realize i was gay until i was in. the policy is horse shit and needs to be changed for this reason. either that or raise your damn age limit.

  4. As I understand it, minorities are a higher percentage of the armed services than their percentage of the population. Is this a bad thing or a good opportunity?

    With regards to combat roles (as opposed to support roles), minorities are a lower percentage than their percentage of the population. Is this a bad thing or not?

  5. I don’t agree with this at all. I’m currently in the Army serving in Iraq and the lowest paid private is $1400 for base pay. Look up army base pay chart 2009. This does not include other pay items such as housing or substance allowance. Overseas, especially Iraq everyone is entitled to hostile fire and hazard duty pay. While a 19 yr old may not be married you would be surprised with the high rate of marriage prior to deployment and these soldiers get family separation pay. All in all this can be up to $1800 EXTRA on top of base depending on the area code the soldier lives (determines housing pay). Trust me, that is more than enough for a soldier that really doesn’t have to have any expenses while overseas.

  6. The average salary for an E-1 is $60,000. The total salary includes BAH for housing, medical, dental, BAS for food, clothing allowance, pension, GI bill, tax free grocery, discounts of 20% for being in the military, training benefits, deployment benefits,etc. In civilian life, people have to pay for housing, medical, dental, food , pension, work clothes, college, grocery tax, business travel, etc. The military is a great career with outstanding benefits. Thank you to the support of the people but please stop anyone telling the young 18-25 military personnel and spouse that the military does not support their family. It is bad for morale and mission readiness.

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