b2 template changer

I’ve just about finished a template changer. I just need some templates to throw in there!
You can download the default template to see what a template looks like and if you’re handy with the ol’ html skills you might think about contributing a design? With each author’s permission designs will be distributed with the b2-smarty package, and placed under the GPL. If you don’t want it included just say so. Here’s an email I sent to a few guys working on designs as we speak.

index.tpl is the main page. b2userslist also uses it to render it’s content.
post.tpl renders a single post. index.php calls this template file multiple times and the output is printed in index.tpl via the variable {$content}

popup-end.tpl and popup-top.tpl are generic top/end files that appear on each popup. I may eventyually seperate out index.tpl into a top and end too.
Probably should do it soon though..

b2commentspopup.tpl is the main comments popup.
b2comments.tpl is the file that renders each comment.
b2commentheader.tpl should have been dumped and replaced with an {if}{/if} statement in b2commentspopup.tpl – empty it if you want as I’ll probably get rid of it in the future.

b2pingbackpopup.tpl – main pingback popup page. This shows how I’ll finally get rid of b2commentheader.tpl using an if-else.
b2pingbackpopups.tpl – individual pingback renderer.

b2trackbackpopup.tpl – as b2pingbackpopup.tpl above.
b2trackbackpopups.tpl – as b2pingbackpopups.tpl above.

b2rss2*.tpl should probably be left alone because they render xml..

site.css is the css style sheet. On the blogs site this is accessed from index.tpl by calling it “templates/site.css” because mod_rewrite rewrites that as /username/templates/site.css

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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