Traffic this morning..

On my way to work this morning I managed to avoid most of the heavy traffic but eventually I got caught as I approached Victoria Cross. I usually come off College Rd on to Orchard Rd and then down to Victoria Cross. Unfortunately traffic is usually heavy at the junction of Orchard Rd and Victoria Cross. Today was no exception. As I waited at the junction, looking left and right I noticed a Flo Gas truck down the road with a large space in front of it and thought, “hmm, maybe if he goes forward I can get in behind him..”, but no, he wasn’t moving because a container truck on the inside lane was too large to overtake safely.

I continued to look left and right when suddenly out of the corner of my eye as I turned right I spotted a car plough straight into the Flo Gas truck! I can still see the back of the car raise itself up off the ground, see flying specks of paint and plastic, and hear the sound of the car crumpling under the impact.

Shocked, I watched for a few seconds before remembering my camera, grabbed it out of it’s bag and turned it on to find a full memory card, a quick change of the memory card later and I snapped a few photos of this unfortunate accident. Nobody was hurt, both drivers got out of their cars and a Garda was on the scene within moments.

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