Rev Jim on b2/Smarty

Someone noticed our work here! Thank you Rev. Jim for the review!
Right now the code is ugly, I simply strapped Smarty on top of b2 in about a week of coding. My initial intention was to make my changes as non-intrusive as possible but that’s not really possible. Michel made a really good job of seperating a large portion of the PHP code from the templates and that made my job so much easier.
I hadn’t thought of the ugly url issue much, but that can be solved reasonably easily through mod_rewrite and/or php.
Making the templates more flexible should be easy too. I was originally going to do so, but I’m wary creating new files on the server so I just listed the ones that could be edited instead. Another requested feature was to go back to the default template, or maybe even offer multiple templates! A version-controlled templating system appeals to the developer in me too!
There’s a few major things to do:

  1. Make URLs nicer.
  2. Reintroduce “Team” logins again, and make it a configurable option in the options web page. I need to document the difference between Team logins and creating a new blog. That will confuse people.
  3. More flexible template system.
  4. Work out how to handle image uploads nicely. That’ll probably come through using a username/images/ folder or something.
  5. Finish integrating Smarty into b2.

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