mp3burn is a simple command line tool for making audio CDs from mp3s without filling up your disk with .wav files. It requires perl, mpg123, and cdrecord.
update! Why not use a self made script? (see comments)
Because I keep forgetting the parameters to pass to cdrecord, and it’s easier to have someone else maintain a package than me. Plus there’s a few graphical frontends for mp3burn that could be handy for the family.. Might finally get my brother interested in using Linux as a desktop!

One thought on “mp3burn

  1. Wouldn’t a simple shell script that deletes the .wav files after
    the CD has been burned do the trick just as well? Here’s a yoke
    I use for copying CDs (er, for backup purposes only! No really,
    that’s true!).

    #cd.copy: copy an audio cd from one drive to the other

    # molly-coddle the user

    echo “Please ensure that a blank CD is in the bottom tray”
    echo “and the CD to copy is in the top tray.”
    echo “Then, press Enter to continue.”

    # set up working environment

    cd /tmp || exit 1
    mkdir $workdir || exit 2
    cd $workdir || exit 3

    # get cd data

    cdparanoia -B 1-

    # put cd data

    cdrecord -v speed=8 dev=0,3,0 -pad -audio *.wav

    # clean up
    cd /tmp
    rm -fr $workdir
    echo “Fertig!”
    exit 0

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