Simon Plays Quasar.

Simon Willison played Quasar for the first time! Ah, this brings back memories!
It used to be quite easy to play a decent game of Quasar in Cork City where I live. 2 places in town offered it and for a few years they even maintained their guns and arenas. Not so now. Guns were too expensive to maintain, half the time they didn’t work, and the rest of the time they worked but didn’t fire straight.
I haven’t played a game of Quasar in years! The ducking and running^h^h^h^h walking fast and twisting your body around so your opponent couldn’t hit you. You wouldn’t believe how fast an experienced Quasar player can instinctively twist around so they only present a profile to an attacking opponent! (Limiting the area you can be shot – front, back and gun).
Before I started working fulltime (and sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day) I was a reasonable Quasar player, and saw the look of disbelief on newcomer’s faces when their gun is suddenly telling them they’ve been shot. Of course I was at the receiving end of shots more often than not..
I dread to think how I’d feel after a game of Quasar now, sometimes I could barely stumble out of particularly tough games..

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