C-ONE Reconfigurable Computer

Here’s the C64 version. Looking at the specs it looks like a cross between a C64, Amiga, and PC!

  • It has c64 expansion slots, as well as a 6502 compatible CPU.
  • It has a copper chip like on the Amiga, but from the description of it, I think the C64 can do what it did anyway (read “About the Copper” on the Specifications page.) as anyone who did any assembly programming on the C64 will have manipulated the raster beam to display more than 8 sprites for example.
  • It has ports for a PS/2 keyboard, and fits inside an ATX case.

That’s just a summary. Read the specs page for more. The Slashdot discussion has even more, including info on on what FPGAs are.

IMO, there are lots of _very_ cool FPGA devices about to hit market, and they are going to change how we use computers. Gaming not the least.

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