Irishman gets RSS.So I came in …

Irishman gets RSS.
So I came in this morning and loaded up my browser ready for another day at work. I remembered I had left AmphetaDesk running the previous night (sorry, should have killed it when I left the office!) so I loaded up the channel page and to my delight the weblogs that had been updated over-night appeared in all their glory! Any weblog that hadn’t been updated appeared “hidden” at the bottom of the page. I’ll still have to visit weblogs though, as not all blogs have rss feeds (this one included), some aren’t updated, and some I suspect don’t have the correct timestamp on them (but that might be a side-effect of adding non-updating rss feeds to AmphetaDesk. The added weblog appeared at the top of the page. This morning the same feed appears at the bottom!)
Hmm.. I might even relearn Perl to see if I can help develop this program!

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