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  1. From the reference article….

    “Drosnin believes that the Bible code has revealed when and where the Apocalypse may begin. He says that only two years, the year 2000 and 2006, were clearly encoded with “World War.” They were also encoded with the words “atomic holocaust.”

    It is always great fun to read dated material making predictions based on pseudoscience.

  2. We just have to keep in mind that; by knowing the future, we can change it. Im sure we’re trying everyway possible to prevent a World War from happening, but it’s inevitable because the Bible says it will happen. Having said that, we can still stall the occassion. 😉

    I’m a positive person, dont hate me because im beautiful.

  3. There are other Bible Code formats, such as the one God used for himself as a reminder, but once one format is rejected, all formats are rejected. That’s the price paid when people can’t think for themselves and thus are dependent upon the words of others.

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