Cataloguing Work Flow – one wa …

Cataloguing Work Flow – one way to store your images.
I store the images off my digital camera as follows:

  1. in $HOME/Docs/pics/ there’s a directory called camera.
  2. When I have photos to store I create a directory there with the current date, ie “2003-01-22”.
  3. Once I’ve copied the files over and browsed through them with gthumb I rename the parent directory and add a description at the end. ie “2003-01-22 – John’s Garden”

All horribly complicated I’m sure you’ll agree, not! So far there’s around 3800 files in the camera dir, amounting to 1.8GB of space used! Occasionally I’ll backup my photos onto CD, and I think I should do that again this weekend as there’s another CD worth of pictures now. I will go to the bother of backing *everything* up again, instead of an incremental backup, it’s only a CD or two after all.

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