I had an excellent weekend. I' …

I had an excellent weekend. I’m a year older now, 27. gah! Getting older!
Martina bought me the beautiful national Geographic Book of Photographs which has some amazing images! She also bought me “Scrap the collection”, a 4 CD recording of Scrap Saturday that is brilliant! I must post a couple of mp3 clips from them later. Of course, they are out of date, a lot of younger people probably won’t even remember some of the characters, but others (like Eamon Dunphy critising the weather) are still relevant. hehe.
Of course, the best bit about yesterday was the fact Martina took the day off from work, so we had the day together. We went for dinner in the Indian Palace on Princes Street. I was presented with a surprise birthday cake afterwards! Martina arranged the cake with the restaurant earlier on Saturday. I love her, she made the day!

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