When good interfaces go crufty …

When good interfaces go crufty – saw it on /. and it’s a bloody good read. I remember arguing with my cousin over the suitability of a Windows PC for our other cousins. I had previously told the new PC owning cousins that with one keypress they could “wreck” their PC (delete command.com from the Windows Explorer, this was win98 time, I exagerated a bit, but I didn’t want to be tech support for them!). They had told my other cousin who of course came the defense of Windows, saying it worked just fine and was very usable, to which I replied they should really probably use a Mac (had the argument happened now, I might even advocate an installation of Red Hat 8.0)
Of course, then we came to our senses, my own family and hers looked sheepishly around the dinner table and we finished our Christmas dinner.

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