RedHat 8 review – I've just in …

RedHat 8 review – I’ve just installed it. It looks nice. It’s not the same desktop I had running before. (I used Window Maker, now.. gnome or kde probably).
RH8 feels snappier and more responsive. When I untarred my home directory it seemed to work faster than I remember doing so before.
Galeon loaded 20 tabs faster than before. I think that’s down to the new kernel.
Of course, I had to install the mp3 rpms as xmms wouldn’t play mp3s by default.
Menu items are strange as I’m used to choosing applications and I know what most of them do, now it print “Web browser” instead of “Mozilla”. Good for the new users though.

Quick 5 minute assesment, ‘s not bad!

By Donncha

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