Bookmarklet fun!Calling all Ma …

Bookmarklet fun!
Calling all Mailman administrators! Are you sick of continually clicking on “Discard”, “Discard”, “Discard” to rid your lists of all that spam? If you are then drag this link to your toolbar or bookmark it. When you go into Mailman simply click on that bookmark and it will auto-select the discard radio box.

* <a href="javascript:var i=0,j,D,E,F=document.forms,discard=2;while(i<=F.length){E=F[i].elements;for(j=0;j<e.length;j++){D=E[j];if(D.type=='radio'&&D.value==discard){D.checked=true;}}i++;}
“>Discard Mailman Spam *

If you’re using Mailman 2.0 or upwards then change the $discard variable to ‘3’ because that version has an extra field.
update! You’ll have to remove the BR tag at the end of the bookmarklet for it to work. Not sure where it came from, could be blogger.

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