Spackle kicks ass. It's a "fle …

Spackle kicks ass. It’s a “flexible client/server architecture for the gathering and displaying of statistics, primarily suited to monitoring servers.” I had it collecting data on almost all our servers within a few hours. It’s also got a simplistic but capable web-interface for inspecting the data. The default collection of monitoring agents is Linux specific so YMMV if you’re using something else.
I did run into some trouble and attempted to mail the author but his mail server couldn’t resolve my work domain, which doesn’t surprise me anymore. Here’s what I suggested:

Add this line to somewhere:
export TERM=xterm
because of this error message when is run from cron, “Your terminal lacks the ability to clear the screen or position the cursor.”
Found the solution at
This occurs on RH6.2 but not in RH7.2, that link above has some info which might explain why.

Add full path to nc:
nc -> /usr/sbin/nc
nc is installed in /usr/sbin/ by default when I used an rpm of netstat.

Change bang line to
RH7.2 seems to use bash2 by default, 6.2 uses bash.

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