Sky TelevisionOn July 5th Sky …

Sky Television
On July 5th Sky Sports acquired the rights for the Republic of Ireland’s home internationals over the next four years.
Last Monday there was speculation that they would try and acquire the rights to the away games. They even offered 17m Euro as an opening bid!
At the weekend, it was reported they had acquired the rights to show Mass on Sundays. (I had a link for that but it required registration) Here at work we speculated on what might happen, Adam thought the following could become a reality:

Picture the scene… Everyone’s in the pub, the priest holds up the chalise and a little caption below says, “Carlsberg don’t do water, but if they did, it’d probably be the best wine in the world”.

And it just gets worse! Thank you Dorothy for this breaking news!

Sky has just won the rights to screen the World Origami Championships from Tokyo.
Unfortunately it’s only available on paper view.

ITV Digital did have the rights, but they folded.

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