Tab rollin'Voidstar: Julian fo …

Tab rollin’
Voidstar: Julian found war chalking in London.

2012: Some people have the parts of more than one person in them!

Saw/heard these 2 on the news, links via bottomquark
Construct a Deadly Virus
Oldest Hominid Skull Smashes Record – Up to 7 million years ol! There’s more links about this.

PHP Traveller: PHP acceleration – I probably linked to this already.

Winterspeak: <a href="
85238127″>Clueless lawyers

webword: You may not have received this email because it has strings in it identifying it as spam. Spamassassin does a good job though.

Via <a href=" John Robb talks about creating deadly viruses in your garage.

Via the Smarty mailing list: There’s a new release of Smarty available!

Cam caught a lot of spam this morning!

How to test mod_gzip with benchmarking software.

Thank God I can right click and select which tab I want. 20 in one browser is a lot of open pages! Go Galeon!

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