TAB-ROLL, these are some of th …

TAB-ROLL, these are some of the links I have open in the tabs of my browser today:

THE INTERNET DEBACLE – AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW – article by song writer Janis Jan on why the RIAA has it wrong.

Nokia 6210 bugs – I have one, it has an old firmware. It has bugs (only one showstopper found so far: write a text message, select the recipient from the address book, pause 4-5 seconds, click send, it makes you click send 2-3 times then crashes. Phone has to be reset)

A Developers’ Guide to ROI – Definitions and 6 rules to follow.

The BOFH restores harmony in the workplace. hehe.

Downtown Framework City – Developers like to “roll their own” and we’re all guilty of it. Shane looks at this and what Zope offers.

From the above article: Dive Into Mark: CSS

How to Ask Questions The Smart Way

What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?

Labels to Net Radio: Die Now

Oh yeah, Minority Report. I went to see it on Friday night. Excellent movie, but it dragged on a small bit and the ending was a bit disappointing. The audience could see the twist at the end at least half an hour before the film ended, so I felt we were just waiting for the film to end, twiddle yer thumbs time. Still, if you haven’t seen it, go do so!

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