Dave picked up on the disturba …

Dave picked up on the disturbances in Dublin I reported a few days ago. I’m glad to see a popular weblog run with the story and provide links to more information about it.

Courtesy of Daves Picks comes CSS browser support: basic concepts which I must delve into later.

It’s hard to find information on digital equipment such as Sharp WD250 camcorder. A lot of it seems to be sponsored adverts/information without user comment. Now’s my chance to dilute their message. I bought a Sharp WD250 camcorder last February. It’s a nice camera, has 26X optical zoom, uses mini DV tapes, DV-out.. Problem was, the picture quality and sound got distorted a lot! At times the picture looked like it had blocks of scrambled images across it, something I’ve only seen in mpeg videos, then the sound would go silent and crackle intermittently. I brought it back to the shop and I expect to get it back on Thursday or Friday hopefully. I’ll post more news later.

If you’re using Linux and need to find the spelling for a word, just type “look [start of word]” and it’ll print a list of alternatives. It’s actually for displaying “lines beginning with a given string” but by default it uses the dictionary file! Guess who wasn’t sure how to spell “intermittently”?

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