I haven't posted for a while. …

I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been very busy!

From Dangerousmeta, Five tips for tuning Apache – I only used the first tip and it’s amazing the difference it makes! Instead of using fnctl I set the server to use pthreads, restarted, wow!

I found out yesterday that you can’t do the following in PHP 4.1.2 (or above I presume)
$array[ $index ] ++;
It’s a fatal error, but it worked fine in PHP3!
PHP4 sessions are very fast, I’m trying to teach phplib to use ’em but the documentation isn’t great (expect an article from me somewhere, sometime on this)

Cringely tells of his son’s death – I’m sorry for your trouble, nobody should go through what you and your partner must be living now. He’s looking for help in preventing SIDS, maybe you can help?

I heard on the radio this morning there may have been another rape in Cork City, this time in Bishopstown. I didn’t hear it on the national radio stations at all though.

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