Busy day, I'm going home. A fe …

Busy day, I’m going home. A few links first before I shutdown Galeon. (Stable? Yes, It’s been running for two days, I want to give the CPU cycles over to Setiathome!)

PHP Beginner

WineX CVS page

History of hardrives.

Baen Free Library. Al because of a fight.. hehe.

The power of outliners. I’ve never used one, I want to read this when I get home.

Segway News

What’s next for Google

Eircom won’t change. They were interviewed on 2FM today and people had high hopes for it, but we got the usual fob-off.

How our world could be turned upside down by the poles flipping!

Links found in various places. I want to read them at my leisure at home so what better way to bring them home than by posting here? Email? Nah..

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