8 thoughts on “Do the Irish like to drink? Na …

  1. me being irish know that i drink myself guinness beer, old irish whiskey and maybe some tequila or vodka on the side for kicks

  2. KISS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IRISH!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes we kno how ta drink… least we aint dry shites!!!!!

  3. Stumbled across this whilst surfing, and thought I would weigh in.

    Well, I do think so. I am Irish-American; my grandparents immigrated from Dublin in the 1920s. And before I get started — YES, I am aware that I am not “truly” Irish in the minds of many people who actually live on the island, but sod off, IMHO.

    EVERYONE — and I do mean EVERYONE — on that side of the family either really likes to drink, or wishes they still could drink, but have to abstain (alcoholism.) My late Nana (God rest her soul) drank a Guinness, followed by a “short, fat, neat” shot of Jameson’s every night before bed. (When I am in the mood for a shot — that’s exactly how I order it. Good bartenders get it right.) She also smoked like a chimney — unfiltered Marlboro Reds, which are as thick as roofing tar. She died at age 85 — a long life punctuated by revolution; immigration; two World Wars; quite a bit of deprviation; five kids; 20 grandkids and much drinking.

  4. Im Irish, from the rebel county =]~and honestly i admit that we drink an awfull lot! I think we handle our drink better than people from others countries, obv there are exceptions lik but still! I personnaly hate whisky and guinness but i’d drink anything else for ya lik.

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