Realaudio links from RTEFather …

Realaudio links from RTE

Father Tom Doyle speaks about his views on the Catholic Church – He’s a Canon Lawyer and “expert witness” in a case against the Catholic Church.

Charlie Bird, Chief News Correspondent, has the details on today’s discussions about the National Aquatic Centre.

Marie Jones, mother of Conor, expresses her concern about her son who is missing – He’s autistic and touring around Kerry but didn’t ring home.

Professor Miriam Wylie, author of the new report on the health service, discusses the findings of her work. The report shows hospitals treating more people, more quickly. This comes after the recent nurses “work-to-rule” over conditions in the A&E departments in hospitals.

John O’Shea of GOAL explains why his organisation wants the Government to withdraw the Irish ambassador to Uganda.

Two broadband links:

Cathy Halloran, Mid West Correspondent, talks to businessmen outside Dublin who are worried about losing out.

Michael Noonan, Fine Gael leader, says that the issue is very serious outside the Greater Dublin area. This is a good interview. Worth listening to.

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