St Patrick's Day is over for a …

St Patrick’s Day is over for another year. I was out on Saturday night, in Isaac Belle’s drinking down European beer like nobody’s business! Lovely stuff, much nicer than the mainstream American beers. We went to Coco’s which used to be Gorby’s – ah! the memories! Thankfully, the audience was a lot older than it used to be and I didn’t recognise anyone from the last time I frequented that club.
St. Patrick’s Day was Sunday, got up late, missed the parade, went to pub again. I was driving later so I was on Coke for the day. Couldn’t drink anyway after the previous night!
Hey Mel & Sharon – thanks for the tea last night!

I visited VCD Helper on Saturday as I wanted to know how to create a SVCD of Roisin’s Christening. Came out well using TMPGenc 🙂

Robinson to step down from UN postThe United States is thought to have opposed any extension of her mandate after she questioned the American bombing campaign in Afghanistan and criticised the treatment of Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners.

Six to change their name before they hit the UK.

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