I came across an unsettling we …

I came across an unsettling weblog here. She moved her blog elsewhere. The page is brighter but the background picture she used speaks volumes.

Thank you Rachel for pointing at wunderground.com. Cork City, where I live is covered by them. They also linked to a tourist page on Cork. There’s some nice pictures of Cork here, and lots of info too!
Hehe. Kathy Collins visited Blarney Castle. Myself and Martina went there last year and she kissed the stone, I did it years ago so I declined this time! On the way out we saw something unusual.. A guy in the bushes doing something with his hand that I really shouldn’t describe here.. The two of us were suitably shocked. Thankfully, the middle-aged American tourists behind us didn’t see him. “Yes, ambulance please, I have a man here who can’t breathe after seeing…” *gulp*

Just got a long email from Martina’s friend Caitriona. She’s in New Zealand, moving on to Australia, and then on to Tokyo while the World Cup is on. Several people are upset because she has no interest in soccer!

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