Two days.. Two whole days our …

Two days.. Two whole days our net connection at work was down. Argh!

Abortion Referendum Wrap-up
The referendum’s been and gone. It was narrowly defeated yesterday. There was just 10,500 votes in it.
Now that it’s over, the major parties have vowed to enact legislation to cover abortion in Ireland. The Taoiseach has stated that he thinks it’s impossible to legislate for every issue the NO side campaigned for.
To further muddy the waters, Dana, who was in the NO camp, says she will fight abortion legislation every step of the way. I wonder what did she think she was voting for when she voted NO..

I saw “A Beautiful Mind” last night. Good film, it was the first time I saw Russell Crowe on tv and didn’t think of him as the Gladiator.

Tow boat madness – Thanks Owen for the link.

If you use MSIE, don’t go here: – It runs cmd.exe on your computer! Apparently anyway, it doesn’t work in Linux.

Peoples Republic of Cork – everyone knows the real capital of Ireland is Cork. This is where I live. hehe.

I got a few trapped emails this morning containing the K-Lez.E virus. It masqueraded as email from F-Secure!

Brian’s looking forward to Global Operations.

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