Paul Collins would be proud! R …

Paul Collins would be proud! RedFM were talking about MP3s, music formats etc, and the expert they had on said MP3 wasn’t a propreitary format. Then they gave out their phone number so I rang up to point out the MP3 is protected by patents. I did so, but they cut me off before I could mention Ogg Vorbis and afterwards I should have pointed out that MP3 is propreitary because I can’t do what I like with the format without paying a licence fee. I can do that with Ogg.

Good night, I’m going to bed!

One thought on “Paul Collins would be proud! R …

  1. the reason paul collins gives away the free mp3 albums of the beat and the nerves on his site is because the record companies were price gouging. when the money is all spent it has to be free.

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