There's going to be a referend …

There’s going to be a referendum on abortion here in Ireland in a few weeks time and the posters have already started to appear on lamp posts.
Unfortunately, they all seem to say the same thing:
“Vote for the lives of women and unborn children, vote YES!”
“Vote for the lives of women and unborn children, vote NO!”

It’s rather confusing. AFAIK, if the vote goes one way, the right for a woman to have an abortion will be put into the constitution, otherwise, women will have to go to the courts to get an abortion.
The taoiseach is refusing to debate the issue with other party leaders, and he appears to be running scared if comentators are to be believed! Fine Gael are pulling all the stops out on this, oh, and it happens to be an election year too! Fancy that eh?

Here’s one of the groups campaigning: Pro life

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