I read an interesting article …

I read an interesting article on How to detect long page loading times with Javascript at Web Kreator but it didn’t include any code. I tried various methods, including using document.write to create an image at the end of my document but that didn’t work with cvsbook.html (a 600K+ or so html document).
So I decided to open a small window and close it quickly. Look through your log files for “icon.gif?time=”, and replace that with a script that records this info to a database or somewhere.

It works on a LAN, but I suspect on an Internet site you’d want to have the window.close() call in the new window, and not the opening window.

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" fgcolor="#000000" onload="javascript:endTime()">

<script language="javascript">
var now = new Date();
var start = now.getTime();

function endTime()
    var now = new Date();
    var end = now.getTime();
    timeToComplete = ( end - start ) / 1000;
    alert( "this page took "+timeToComplete+" seconds to load!" );
// -->

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