Two major things happened over …

Two major things happened over the weekend:
A gifted Irish comedian, Dermot Morgan, died of a suspected heart attack early on Sunday morning. He starred in the series Father Ted on Channel4 and RTE. He also co-produced an excellent satirical political radio show in Ireland for a time.
Try a search for some WAVs of him, they’re brilliant!
Also this weekend Hornet decided to accept Windows demos! I see this as a Good Thing (TM) as the demo scene seemed to be languishing and growing stale by trying to stick with DOS completely.

6 exams next week and I'm upd …

6 exams next week and I’m updating this stuff. Does anyone read this anyway eh?
This update I added a page with some of my own code, under the projects link to the left. You’ll find some stuff about openGL, graphics coding using Cross-ELF (cross-platform Linux lib.), a motif program I did a few weeks ago, and a simple UDP sockets assignment I had to do last month for college.
Nothing much else, I’m still disillusioned with the demo scene, people try and limit what a
demo ‘is’ and they alienate a large proportion of the ‘net.

Since the Quake guys have .pla …

Since the Quake guys have .plan files on their homepages I’ve adopted the idea for my page here. Mail me at the link below if you like the idea.
I’ll post observations on the demo and Linux scenes here as well as other tit-bits that catch my attention.

Little rant about the demo scene:
Many years ago before the advent of electricity and.. oh, not that long ago, but during the glory days of the C64 RAM and storage space was expensive and usually difficult to work with or incompatible with most of the applications available.
Probably because of the above constraints demos coded then had to be highly optimized works of art. Nowadays, the situation is completely different. It’s a much friendlier environment to the coder.
Maybe because of this demos nowadays appear to me to be just movies that one plays back without interaction _at all_ !!!
Demos never were interactive but older demos had scrollies and usually had options to change various effects inside the demo..
In there’s been much talk about demos on various platforms and arguements about proper demo coding techniques and why Windows sucks, DOS rules etc etc.
I think that defining the demoscene by it’s platform and by the coding language you use is fundamentally wrong and harmful to the spirit of friendship the scene should have.

Enough .. I’m distracted… cya..

I moved from Indigo, my ISP to …

I moved from Indigo, my ISP to Xoom mainly for two reasons. Indigo is slow to access (fast to use though..) and also I can’t update my page unless I’m online at home. Since I’m in college most of the day this is a major no-no. 🙁

This site is now being watched by The Linux Web Watcher. You can check there for updates to many of the most popular Linux sites on the ‘net.

Read my psuedo .plan for a some personal observations on demos, Linux and life in gerneral.(Life will be added later!)

I heard it first from Denis ec …

I heard it first from Denis eccp Fuenzalida that Bomb released a patch for their excellent demo, State of Mind, but The PC Demo Fan Club provided the link to Skals’ page where you can download updated files. Jer got the link from Error 404 which looks like a very nice scene site!
Denis also has a remix of an old Spectrum game, Rex. A Linux version is available although I haven’t tried it at this time.
All the c64 demos from The Party ’98 are now available!
Links should now work for MSIE users. Sorry about that.