2 down and 4 exams to go. I ev …

2 down and 4 exams to go. I even mentioned Linux in my graphics exam when asked about graphical effects in movies. I just _couldn’t_ resist Titanic and Linux 🙂
I had a slight problem compiling PTC yesterday. I downloaded instead of source.tar.gz (I was going to try it in VC5 as well..) There’s a shell script and makefile included but they wouldn’t run. That’s solved (MSDOS characters..) but even with source.tar.gz it complained. Here’s what you do:
In the source directory, before you do anything, type:

mkdir ../library

mkdir ../library/linux

mkdir ../library/linux/gcc
and then

sh ./linux
and everything should work fine!
When you’re compiling the demos and example programs make sure the path to is correct. Mine is at /usr/lib/ instead of /lib/
Hope that helps!
On a totally different note, take a look at /usr/src/linux/Documentation/memory-tuning.txt for some nice hints on fine tuning your Linux box. I have a 32 meg machine here and after trying the suggested setting I have around 3 megs of RAM left all the time and the system appears faster.
Why aren’t you all posting on news:// then, eh? The people who post there know their stuff (well, except for me, but then, you always get exceptions 😉 so let’s have some good demo coding chat.. Anyone wanna try code a scrolly and some effects on the X root ? That would be kinda cool, something along the lines of Flush by TBL and Analogue (demo on the Win95 desktop.. somewhere on but better 🙂 It can be done. Linux does multitask, and if you tune your memory as suggested above it probably won’t throw out the bckground demo in a hurry!
Back to the study.. 🙁

Not bad, I lasted just over te …

Not bad, I lasted just over ten days without updating. Only lasted a day though without the modem.. ho hum!
I added a page with a screenshot of my WindowMaker desktop. You might like to have a look at it. I’m running two demos at the same time in two xdos sessions.. 🙂
There’s a news server dedicated to demo scene discussion groups now open at They have a group called coders.os.linux which I posted a message in last week. Not many replies though even considering what I posted 😉
You all probably know that ALSA has gone up to version 1.0.2 and it works nicely with my AWE64. My fault originally, my conf file wasn’t setup properly.
If you have a 3dfx take a look at this dos demo(TG98 demo winner), Dimension. It’s over 4 megs in size and IMO not worth downloading over a modem but the last part of the demo is nice – nice use of colours in textures and light-balls. The first part is standard “flying-through-space” fare..
Clanlib, the graphics and sound lib for multimedia coding on Win32 and Linux has reached version 0.1.4 and although it doesn’t yet support sound in Linux, it could be worth keeping an eye out for.
Have you read about all the trouble MS got themselves into recently? On slashdot a comparison was made between MS and cars.. Check it out at Microsoft Car. Very good 🙂
As soon as my exams are over I’m going to implement some ideas for the page. Keep an eye on this space!
BTW – exams are on until 5th June..


I'm unplugging the modem in m …

I’m unplugging the modem in my computer at home for the duration of my exams. This means that any emails will go unanswered until I check my email in college (Wednesday week or so). This also means that I’ll go completely mad at home, but there you go 🙂
On the news front, Version 1 of the ALSA driver has been released! I want to try this because I couldn’t get the last release to work with my AWE64.. 🙁


A new page for TSN has been do …

A new page for TSN has been done up. Follow the link on the left.


Minor release of TSN. I forgot …

Minor release of TSN. I forgot one perl script, “”, in the dist package so it’s now included and the licence in each perl file was placed incorrectly. Get the new package: tsn-1.0.1.tar.gz
I’ll write up a proper page for TSN tommorow.
Wow.. my head’s spinning, I need to get some sleep.


Source code for my project, TS …

Source code for my project, TSN is now available! Click on tsn-1.0.0.tar.gz to download the 137k package. Make sure you read the INSTALL file though! Comments are very welcome at!


I should have made more of my …

I should have made more of my project during my last update, so here goes the blatant-advert for it:
My project is a web based time-sheet program running on Linux with Apache and MySQL. Users on the system can enter details of jobs done including cost, duration, date, and customer. Entries can be deleted using a pop-up window generated by Javascript. (The HTML code for the pop-up window is actually generated by the browser, not by the server). The admin can edit users, activities, special charges, passwords and create a report giving details on employee performance.
The whole thing is kept together by a Perl script running on the Linux box and since I use the DBI it should be easy to add different databases or port it to other platforms.
I have an interview next Tuesday concerning the project and I’d love to go into the interview and tell them that the ‘net community had said this or said that or even showed an interest in it.
Commercial interest would be even better from the colleges’ point of view – it might encourage them to preach the open-source philosophy to students (The rest of my class thinks I’m crazy!:)
Thanks for reading, click on this TSN link to try out the demo I’ve put here.
In the demo it’s not possible to change records. Everything is just pre-generated HTML.
I look forward to hearing your comments, they are important to me. Email me at!


Demo of my project available a …

Demo of my project available at the TSN link to the left. Docs are available on the page.
Clanlib v0.13 has been released. This is a multi-platform game development library. According to their site, the same source code can be used to compile on Win32 and Linux. Check their site for more details.

PTC has been released for Linux as you’ve all probably read on already. I searched through for the announcement and here it is:

From – Mon Apr 27 20:20:43 1998
From: “Gaffer”
Subject: PTC 0.72 released
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 00:11:03 +1000

PTC is a portable truecolor graphics system for C++ programmers. PTC handles all the platform specific details of mode setting, surface handling, pixel format conversion and display updates while providing a common interface across all supported platforms.

DOS, Win32 and Linux platforms are supported under a wide range of popular C++ compilers.

PTC is distributed as open source software under the GNU General Public License.
For more information see

cheers 🙂


Small update this time. I'd l …

Small update this time. I’d like to write more but there’s too much to do.
I updated the projects page with a new version of my openGL demo. It’s probably close to what the final version will be like. The deadline for the assignment is next Friday so final version then. Of course, afterexams in June I’m going to develop it a bit more 🙂
Some of you may be interested to know about my 4th year project. It’s a web based time sheet system where users enter details of jobs done and it generates a report for the admin. I’m in the process of renaming variables and the example tables so expect a link to a demo of it within a week, with source code coming shortly afterwards.


Important If, over the past fe …

Important If, over the past few days you have received an email from and if you know me and it appears out-of-character for me, or if you don’t know me and receive an abusive email please forward it to me. I logged into my Hotmail account today and found 60 new emails waiting for me from the same sender (diff email addresses though). I also received a mail delivery failure message using my email address as a return address. It had the subject “sucker!”. They are not from me! Looking through the header it would appear that someone is probably testing their email out on their (Linux?) box and just found my email address handy. (Next time use – they WILL trace your emails and send a secret service guy around, wherever you live on the planet.. Not joking either..)
Copies of all the emails have been forwarded to
Now, a plea for help for a friend of mine who’s in a spot of trouble with his 4th year project. He has to implement Dijkstras shortest route algorithm to find several shortest routes in a network. He’s coding it in VB (I know, I know..) but if any of you have had experience implementing the algorithm any help you can send would be most appreciated. It’s possible to email me at and I’ll forward them on. Thanks.