Definition of Disimprove
v. t. 1. To make worse; – the opposite of improve.
v. i. 1. To grow worse; to deteriorate.

Webster Dictionary

And here was me thinking my wife had made up this word because I never hear anyone else use that word. Sorry Jess. 🙂

What unusual words do the people in your life use?

6 thoughts on “Disimprove

  1. Worser.

    Same thing, the Better Half was using it, I said it’s not a proper word. Even now, as I’m typing, the spell checker is agreeing with me. Check the Webster dictionary and it’s there. Archaic English, but it’s there. Complete with a quote from Shakespeare.

  2. “Nice holiday but the place was very touristic.”

    Laughed my ass off at the time, then got hit on the head with the dictionary.

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