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  1. I will be travelling from Cape-Town,South Africa to Johannesburg,South Africa,on the 28th of November 2005,
    Could you please organise me a cheap or an affordable flight.

  2. Hey Donnacha,

    I think the way things are going now that alot of overseas holidays will come down in price, alot of the agents will have chartered planes for the summer holidays and if they don’t start to fill them soon they will start to heavily discount them!
    Then again you could always stay in Ireland?

  3. This sounds like a great way to save money by searching so many direct travel websites at once (they say 140+). I would probably still check out a few on my own to cross reference with since there are way more than 140 travel sites out there that may provide a better deal if you just look. I will definitely try it to see if I could eventually just use their service instead of having to check each one on my own.

  4. Another great share for all travel enthusiasts. But the name of the site actually got my attention. What does it mean?

  5. Kakay is pretty good but they only show prices from sites they are partners with. I have found a better travel meta-search site called 1000travelsites.com . They search pretty much every travel provider on the web in a matter of seconds. I’ve compared their results to kayak and they always have a lower price or at least the same lowest price (but it’s usually lower). Give it a try.

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