Sigma 18-200 lens has arrived!

My Sigma 18-200 lens arrived this afternoon after much reloading of An Post’s tracking site! Images later but I think this will be a good “carry around” lens to replace my 18-55 kits lens.

Much much later.. if you’d like to see how the lens performs, take a look at the Sigma 18-200 category on my photoblog!

3 thoughts on “Sigma 18-200 lens has arrived!

  1. How does it perform at f=18? I’ve got a 18-120 and I think it’s weak between 18 to 24 – noticeable vignetting and soft definition

  2. i haven’t tried f18 much, but haven’t noticed anything much. There is some vignetting, but I don’t mind softness – I capture in RAW and expect it so I do a two pass unsharp to sharpen things afterwards.

  3. Liked your pics. I am about to make the decision about the Sigma to go with my new Nikon D80. Looked at the Tamron also which is on sale second-hand at 340 in Dublin but don’t think it will get my vote as I hear that Tamron have a bad track record if anything goes wrong. Your pics show good use. I also want to be able to go from wide angle to telephoto of birds and also close ups of flowers. Don’t want much do I!! Good luck.

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