6 Replies to “Linux AMD64 Cool n Quiet support”

  1. I have an AMD64 on linux. I have to say in comparison to my previous machine it is a lot quiter. The fan on this one does not whistle. I do not know wheter or not Cool’n’Quiet is even enabled or what it does, I will investigate.

    Like the cloads pics btw, made me homesick.

  2. I got amd athlon 64 3200+ and it runs at 1.0 GHz in Kubuntu Linux. Only problem is, it ALWAYS runs at 1.0 GHz no matter what; it is supposed to run at 2 GHz. I never got it up to full speed.

    Cool’NQuiet really annoys me, mainly because I cannot fully turn it off in any way, and it slows me down. In Windows, I’ve managed to disable it using PowerCfg but while it’s booting, or while running a non-Windows OS, it runs at 1 GHz. Even when doing high-performance gaming, it NEVER gets loud, so I don’t need coolnquiet.

  3. Donncha: there seems to be a bug in the way the “notify me of followup” checkbox works on your comment form. I commented on a previous story and chose to be notified, but now I’m getting emails for the comments on all of your posts. Never saw that one before. Kind of annoying.

  4. Stephane – sorry about that. I thought that bug was fixed after I last upgraded the subscribe plugin. I must bug Mark about fixing the subscribe to comments plugin again. I mentioned it to him last summer in San Francisco. It happens when lots of comments are approved in moderation at the same time.

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