I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

Lots of good stuff on including this great snowball fight game (lots more games for download) and the Counterfit Mini site!

If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat. Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.

OK, if you’re really bored, here’s a few things to pass the time:

Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Any idea what kind it is?

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oh man! i was browsing on the internet i was felling very bored and suddenly i typed “i am felling bored” and it brought me this website i felt very happy after reading all of these i felt very happy.

Seems I have been doing the same thing for the past three years.. Just now getting bored with it, but not just kind of bored. I am bored to the point where I don’t even want to do anything but fucking think about how bored I am.

i remember the first time i was bored outta my skull and it felt like some kikass drugs got inta my system… just woke up one mornin and BAM ‘whats this feeling sis?’ i dunno

I am bored… i like this guy, but hez not my husband.. sonno wt to do.. i want to get close to this guy.. i like him sooo very much … maybe only physically.. i want to hug him, kiss him… savour him… get passionate with him… i want him.. huwaaaaaaaaa… but i cannot… thts y i am sad and boreddddd……..

i was bored but now i’m just really annoyed. all you people, get off your fat asses, stop complaining & do something!

kewl kewl kewl BUT TETRIS? THTS MORE BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so bored. its 8:30 p.m and there is nothing to do but sit on the couch and watch t.v. my boyfriend is mad at me. im so tired of us fighting its insane. i want to be with him but i want us to be happily together not getting mad at every little thing that eachother do. Im living at my friend dannielles while trying to work two jobs without a car. i hate the bus. Im just trying to vent not feel bad for myself. i konw things will get better, i just hope its soon.

3am in the morning and im reading these boring comments on a site thats suppose to cure bordom but seems to be making it worse. ummmmmm who wants to have boring sex?

ok this is just wacko………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..sorry finger got stuck

its 16:54 i only go home at 18:00 The gym is empty thats why im bored

oh well merry christmas to all of u who are bored. I hope 2010 is better year.
we will see

ewwww i hate miley cyrus.. shes a dogg that looks like a horse.
go fucking die miley cyrus, and wake up to yourself..
i cant believe i am wasting my time on this shit site.
fuckk all you miley cyrus fans. :@

Oh man,how about tonight,ill sneak out first without the wife hearing me…Meet me in my Miata around 1,bring some pencils and a hamster.later biatch

y da frig r u peeps so dumb? just go visit ur gramma er sumthin if ur bored…
shell give ya cookies

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy why do people have to be so dumb? i mean seriously!! most of the people on this site (including me) need to get a life!!! Go to the mall or hang out with your grandmother! she will definitely appreciate that (unless she is gone , then in that case, i am sorry) make cookies ! clean your room! sort through your damn closet and find the fucking remote for your TV that you can’t find!!! Seriously it can’t of just disappeared, my gosh!!!!i have to find that stupid thing!!!!!!!! >:(

my gosh! i think you are sooo beautiful!!!! You have a good point there ! I know my grandmother would love it if I called her and mad eher some cookies too!!
Luv you!<3

what would you do if you really liked two guys at the same time and could not for the life of you figure out who you like more?

what would you do if you liked two guys a lot and couldn’t figure out who to like!!!
do you guys have any advice, oh great bored ones?

read twilight; bella goes thru the same thing…. though she has 2 choose between a smokin werewolf and a sexy vampire, it could help… just pick the one u love the most; follow your heart. even if he isnt the hottest 1, if ur heart tells u wat 2 do, listen, cuz it nos u better than anything. hope this helps. tell if it does… btw how old r u? just wonderin im not a stalker so dont worry

no offense, i dont feel comfortable sharing my age, and what if i cant decide who i love more (btw, it is a bit like twilght)
ps, they are both smokin!!!!!!!!!

hey has any1 else noticed the sketchy background pics on this site? heart torn in two, tell me how its goin. i no we dont no each other but i feel sad 4 u. tell me if it works out sos i can have some peace of mind

my turn for advice:i like this guy (big surprise i no) but im not the prettiest girl, heck, i havent worn my hair out of a ponytail for 5 years! i do have really pretty eyes i must admit, and the rest of me isnt horrible. i dont wear makeup, unless lipgloss counts, and im not the most outgoing person ever. ive never even had a boyfriend. we hang out with the same group of peeps but i dont do a whole lot of talking. i guess im a bit shy. the question is: how do i get him to like me without changing too much?

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omigosh!i am so bored i would rip my eyeballs out and feed them to my labrador just for something to do

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