PHP Future – Java or Simplicity

Conflict PHP is an opinion piece on the state of PHP. PHP5 (which I haven’t tried yet) is going down the road of Java and copying it’s object model and other ideas.
That’s no bad thing but most PHP developers surveyed don’t want that.
Adoption of PHP4 was much faster than PHP5 is, possibly because there was such a huge difference between versions 3 and 4. If PHP5 features were really “must haves” then people would be crying out for them. Zend is getting more “corporate” and I hope it doesn’t backfire on them!
John Lim has more on the issue.

6 thoughts on “PHP Future – Java or Simplicity

  1. PHP is slowly going on making a powerful web language. Which will have all features of Java for web required. But I hope still it will have its simplicity to implement with other tools and languages. Today we are in Web 2 arena and implementing huge Ajax based pages with PHP. PHP required powered developer to harness its power. Many people think that PHP future is blur. But the real thing is that PHP will emerge as powerful as Java in web development. Only thing is that what people choose. If PHP is always for web then we should not compare with Java at all. PHP is different class of its own. Need many power features to be added in near future. PHP is changing and hope it will be able to keep no 1 position for faster web development language for long.

  2. i m doing job in PHP development and i m not sure about my future cn any one tell me that what is my future with php and what is PHP’s life in the field of web development means for what time this language remain in the develpoment field
    wil wait for ans at my mail id that id

  3. No need to worry about Future.. Kal kis ne dekha hain..

    Just be a perfect programmer.

    As you see Sun adopted MySQL and Oracle adopted Sun, may any other technology may php. All we should do it try to be a good and sharp programmer whatever the technologies are….

  4. I am a php programmer and i started my career jst 6 months before…first I was trying to find a job in .NET platform..but unfortunatily counld make it..then i got the php programmer job and discovered preity easy and even more powerful..and hope future of php will be..industry oreinted and resoucefull….

  5. My bet is that PHP is still going strong for the next decade, and growing even stronger. There are lots of hyped up languages out there, but the hype will eventually cool off and people will then go back to where they come from. Remember Java? C developers who adopted Java have gone back to C. ColdFusion died off miserably despite the hype that it gets few years ago.

    To me, it doesn’t matter what new languages pop up in the next few days, they’re simply *just* another language that uses a bit different syntax and slightly different approach to variables and functions, but they all accomplish the same thing. Now if a new language comes up with a unique cool function that no other languages offer, I bet PHP will quickly catch up and come up with their own version of that function, maybe even better. Ruby came out with Rails, the MVC framework, and then PHP suddenly came with two similar versions of their own MVC frameworks out of nowhere (CakePHP and CodeIgniter).

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