I’m trying to install wpmu on my server, but am receiving some errors. I know my database information is correct in wp-config. And I did chmod the requested files via ftp when installing, but I get these errors: http://kepplah.com/wpmu/. I also noticed that when it asked me about what id like my db extension to be, i chose wpmu_ which was not honored. Instead I got wp_main_ etc. I have a install of wp 1.3a5 on the same db, so i dont want to loose that. I noticed in wpmu-settings.php the $wpblog var was not being set right. Tracked that down to needing to edit the $base to the basedir wpmu is installed to. But that was evaling to “/”, and causing errors in the table creations. So i added this line: if ($wpblog="/") $wpblog=""; on line 21. That allowed the db to be created, but the filesystem errors persist.
Also, in the admin panel, I get errors about the referrer-blacklist having sql syntax errors.

Feel free to email me for additional information, I appreciate your help. I woulda emailed you, but I couldn’t find an addy!