The USB Mince Pie.. it's the end of the week!!

It’s a Friday, almost time to go home, so on comes alive!
These mince pies were suggested by Valen, and Pron, in response to Microsoft patenting IS NOT is applying for a patent on “IsToo”!
Did you hear that Elton John almost died when he heard the new song by Brian McFadden..

Elton John has slammed Irish star Brian McFadden’s new single Irish Son, claiming he had to stop listening to the track “in case I committed suicide”.

And in other news, everyone left work and had a great weekend!
Oh, what a cute cat and this photo of the Opera House in Sydney is very unusual and pleasing to the eye!

One thought on “The USB Mince Pie.. it's the end of the week!!

  1. The topic of the chatroom, a little after valen’s announcement, was:
    “<nargler> valen: that pie looks violated” “<stewie> valen: how did you find the usb mince pies?” “<valen> Stewie: salty.”

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