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In a heated discussion about the grand vision that people have for the Irish Linux Users Group, Justin Mason suggested (sorry! no link, the archive is broken again!) that we use a Wiki to keep the information on the site current and uptodate. He outlined his own ideas and suggestions in his post, How to have turn a stale project site into a useful Wiki and it’s not a bad idea at all!
I’m in favour of it, who’s with me? Why use a wiki?

Niall Sheridan writes:

>> On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 15:50 +0000, Niall Walsh wrote:
>> [snippage]
>>> > The website contains lots of out of date information.
>> Update it then. From what I hear, the webmaster happily will accept
>> contributions.

A good tip — moving to a wiki helps a *lot* here. We found that our stale old SpamAssassin website has become the main source of live, up to date info now that we wiki-ized it.

(It turns out that vandalism and people throwing up crappy info isn’t a serious problem at all. See for details.)

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