Apparently, Colm Meaney said, “Bollox!” on Star Trek! He said it after being beamed down somewhere according to the man himself while he was, “Hanging With Hector”. He told the production crew that, “It was one of those things an Irish person would say in this situation”.. hehe.

By Donncha

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errr – hate to be a killjoy but it’s ‘bollocks’ My dad was English, I lived there for ages as did my family… 😎 It has been spelled ‘your’ way but ain’t correct. Regards …

it is the righ spellin ye shitbag muppet fuck your dad he was only a brit. theres bollocks, bollox, and the one you are. which is bollix hate cunts think they know it all.

it may be correct and proper to spell B-O-L-L-O-X, but if SAID correcly, and i feel strongly about this… its BOLLIX!! (and btw, colm meany did infact say bollix, (corrcetly pronounced) and was not censored, coz as well all know, american censors are a load of bollix and haven’t got a clue!)and he said it after hitting his hand with a hammer, in a tense situation, so quite appropriate use of the word.

The correct spelling of the word is “Bollocks” enough said. If you can’t comprehend, I suggest you take some classes in “Common sense”

Howard shut up son! Or I’ll string you up by the bollox.
What a friggin’ disappointment! Mr killjoy and his partial massacre of the english language. Dude if you lived there ‘for ages’, why do you talk like a flaming hotdog seller! ‘Hot Dogs’, ‘Hot Dogs’ Grimsdale lovely Hots Dogs’

I live in California and rarely here the term here except at the pubs, but when I used to live in Dublin, I heard it pronounced “Bollix,” but I thought it was spelled Bollox…I will be back in Dublin in 3 weeks…can’t wait to enjoy some fresh Guinness!! Oh, and I know for a fact in the movie, Michael Collins, they spelt it “Bollox.” Is that movie made in Ireland or in Hollywood?

All seppo twats the only 1 thats cool is keith, all the rest suck dogs bollocks.Whats with you people i live here i lived there,all of you are still wankers.

what the fcuk are you stupid people going on about???!!! Bollocks is spelt B O L L O C K S, have you guys never heard of the 70`s punk rock group called the sex pistols? oh, wait a minute your american, all you know is how to win world war`s, or should i say start them, NOW THATS ALOAD OF BOLLOCKS BOLLOCKS BOLLOCKS.

Its Bollix ya bollix bein from dublin i use the word almost daily aswell as cunt,wanker,shithead,prick,fucker,mother fucker,asshole,cunt face and a few more the point is anyone thinkin its bollocks is talkin a load…so ya can fuck off ya cunt face mother fuckers and lick my big bollicks..i really do love to swear!!! Must be the torrets:)

I have to agree with Mister Know Things to be honest im from Dublin too and thats how its said and that little fucker who was sayin i live her i lived there, come to dublin and you wont have a bollocks ya little bollix

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