Loose F717 Lens Barrel – How to fix!

I noticed for a while that the lens on my Sony F717 was getting just a little loose. It didn’t have the same firm feel to it that it had when I bought it a year ago. I didn’t think much of it except to presume that it was normal wear-and-tear.
Then 2 weeks ago I dropped my camera bag from my hand and it hit the floor lens first. It survived but the lens was even looser! That’d be fine with loose wemen around but not for taking photos which is how I stumbled across instructions for ripping a F717 apart! Thankfully it wasn’t necessary as all I had to do was tighten up a few small screws in the camera body and it’s back to it’s old self!
Hopefully this’ll fix it’s habit of shooting photos just a little off the horizontal. No matter how hard I tried there was always a pronounced off-horizontal lean in my photos. Yeah, it could be me too. heh.

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